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Quick and Efficient Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Most homeowners think that remodelling their tiny bathroom is more comfortable, quicker, and less costly than renovating a larger one. Surprisingly there is no significant difference because both a large and a small bathroom have virtually the same elements.  

Further, the remodelling project of a small bathroom requires the same in-demand experts as a larger one. A tiny bathroom will also cost nearly three-quarters of the large bath in terms of money, time, and effort. 

However, there are quick and efficient bathroom remodelling ideas for your small shower space. This article will provide more details about these ways. 

Bathroom remodelling project done in Echuca with wood look porcelain tiles


The first step is to categorize the bathroom based on its type to help you with the panning. The following are different categories of bathrooms.  

Types of Bathroom 

Powder Room: 

Most large homes have half bathroom or powder room with a toilet, sink, and a door for privacy purposes. This room is a convenience bathroom used mostly by guests and family members when they don’t need all the fixtures of a more massive shower.  

For that reason, it’s quicker to remodel a powder room because it’s small and has fewer fixtures. A remodelling project of a powder room is more straightforward because it’s a secondary bathroom, and your family and guests can use showers in other rooms during the renovation. Due to this flexibility, you can use this time to implement the best bathroom remodelling idea to create an attractive powder room.  

Guest Bathroom: 

The bathroom is fully-serviced with a toilet, a sink, a shower, or a tub. This room is used sporadically, especially when you have guests visit. You can opt for economy materials and fixtures because the bathroom is occasionally used, thus saving money. 

Further, this bathroom is a secondary bathroom since you have other showers that a visitor can use during the remodelling exercise.  

Full Bathroom: 

It’s a complete bathroom with several amenities such as a tub or shower, toilet, sink, and vanity.  A full bathroom is used daily, and a house can have more than two of such, can be dedicated to every child, and may be designed just like a master bath. 

Due to its regular use, a full bathroom’s fixtures and materials may wear out comfortably. Thus, it’s essential to invest in a full bathroom in terms of the quality of the material, the colour and resistance to stains, and water.  

Master Bathroom: 

It’s also a full-service bathroom used every day by the home’s owner. Individual homes have a single bathroom that serves as a master bath, although it’s small and lacks features. Thus you spend on this bathroom in terms of buying attractive, durable, high materials. 

Users of Bathrooms 

Besides defining the different types of bathrooms, it’s important to consider who uses these showering rooms. This factor will help you to pick the most efficient bathroom remodelling idea. The following are some of the bathroom users.  

Owner’s Bathroom: 

At times, this small bathroom may happen to be the bathroom that you use to shower or apply makeup. As a result, you may want to spend more on higher-end materials for your storage cabinets, vanity, sink, lighting fixtures, and mirrors. 

Kids’ Bathroom: 

These are bathrooms that are used by children and are overused or abused. Showers are ineffective as compared to bathtubs. You should consider the materials used on the floor because small kids can flood the bathroom as they leave the shower.  

Thus, opt for durable, waterproof materials for the floor and walls of your kid’s bathroom. More so, the bathroom should have proper storage to help you lock some detergents, thus avoid wastage. 

 Guests’ Bathroom: 

The best bathroom remodelling idea for guest’s rooms is to skimp on the materials’ quality as well as install limited storage spaces.  

Seniors’ Bathroom: 

Are you living with your parents and grandparents? Most of the members of this category are the disabled and elderly. The group needs lower counters, grab bars and non-slip flooring options. You can install a walk-in-bathtub in the seniors’ or disabled person’s bathroom. 

Hiring Professionals or DIY 

Factors such as your skills’ level, budget, and schedule will dictate whether to hire a contractor or do it yourself. Some of the top bathroom remodelling ideas are not complicated, and thus they require limited DIY skills.   

On the other hand, this could be the only bathroom in the house, and for that reason, you want it renovated very quickly and correctly, thus the need to hire an expert for that job. Having another extra bathroom to fill in can allow you to apply your moderate to advanced DIY skills or implement your best bathroom remodelling idea. This will help you to avoid the cost of hiring an expert for you can do most of the work. 

Alternatively, you can split the work with the contractor. For instance, you can do the demolition and painting to reduce cost. You can also discuss with the expert and agree which tasks you can do in exchange for some discounts. However, time is money, and the contractor will not want the progress to be delayed by you. 

Remodelling Materials 

Bathroom renovation project we completed in Echuca with porcelain wall tiles

Most contractors will provide you with a list of materials and fixtures to use during the renovation project. They may also recommend a store where you can buy these items because that particular retailer sells high-quality products or will get him a referral fee.  

On the other hand, you can reduce the cost of renovation by researching and buying from local retailers or online sources. Usually, they offer discounts as they close their previous year’s product lines. 

Thus, you can opt to buy the discounted materials before the remodelling project begins and store them. This is one of the best bathroom remodelling ideas because it reduces the cost of renovation and saves time; thus, your shower will be ready earlier than anticipated. 

Echuca Bathrooms Tiling and Waterproofing have high workmanship standards, which they update through training and adoption of the latest techniques. Therefore, this team of experts will offer you additional bathroom remodelling ideas and renovate it at a reasonable price. You can contact them for a quote or book a bathroom assessment appointment.  

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